Skin Stylus Microneedling

Collagen induction therapy has been well researched and well documented as a safe and effective treatment in acne scarring, antiaging, reducing the appearance of surgical scars and stretch marks, skin resurfacing, and in the treatment of burns and other skin damage. Fractional laser treatments and the SkinStylus® MicroSystem both use collagen induction therapy as the primary mechanism of action by creating numerous small microchannels through the skin, which stimulates the body to produce new collagen and remodel the treatment area.

Instead of using laser energy to burn these microchannels through the skin, the SkinStylus® uses disposable Biolock needle cartridges propelled by the SkinStylus® to create microchannels. This mechanical creation of microchannels avoids the use of heat, thermal energy, or chemicals and virtually eliminates post treatment sensitivity and down-time while achieving spectacular results. Additionally, these microchannels allow large topical molecules that normally cannot penetrate the skin, to pass through the microchannels and help beautify the skin.

4 Major Points:

  1. Collagen induction therapy for acne scarring, anti-aging, reducing the appearance of surgical scars and stretch marks, resurfacing.
  2. Stimulates your body’s natural healing response
  3. Little to no down-time
  4. We offer the ONLY microtherapy system that can be autoclave sterilized! The SkinStylus® seven-step safety system prevents cross-contamination between patients and incorporates the patent-pending Biolock cartridge.

Before/After Photos