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Dr Carranza, Recently I visited Reelfoot Arts Festival. While there I talked to some friends that I hadn’t seen in several months. They were discussing my new hair style. One person commented that the new style made me look younger. My question is, was it my hair or was it the work you did on my face with BellaFill? Thanks a million for a more youthful appearance that you gave me!


“Doctor Carranza:

“I wanted to thank you and your staff, as we together (all of you and myself) work through my many skin problems.

“The feeling of confidence you and your staff give, the feeling of reassurance you and your staff provide, the atmosphere of simple pleasantness continually shown by you and your staff, the professionalism of you and your staff is relaxing and comforting.

“It is rare that a patient feels or sees a benefit before the actually healing, and those of us who face things we have never faced before in our lives are blessed beyond our being able to even state verbally to you and your staff.

“All from the moment we are greeted coming thru the front door, ushered into the hall way to a treatment room, then on to the waiting room, where even there you are thinking of our comfort.

“Few offices make the leaving an enjoyable experience, but once again it is as if you entire staff has gone through a Dale Carnegie Sales program.

“My being from management before my retirement, I understand well that a person in marketing is told that the first impression and the last impression are the most important, they are the first and last impression of any experience.

“Few realize – as it is always what is remembered by the object or person of the point of treatment or recipient of a service or as in your case – a treatment and / or procedure.

“As to the procedures and the kind comments given even as we get ready to leave, all a good experience.

“I thank you Doctor and all of your staff as well.

“From the top of my head that is sore right now (while healing) to my bottom of my heart again thank you.”


“Dear Mrs. Lewis,

“Through much research and trial and error, I have been able to identify; from the results of the Little Rock patch tests results; the ingredients in the products I use. At first I had to use the ProTopic once a week, then 10 days, then 2 weeks, and right now I have not used it in almost 4 weeks with NO rash, anywhere. I gradually added back some of the “possible” causes, and have done well.

“The 2 worst causes are; phenoxyethanol and cocamidopropyl betaine!

“I cannot thank you enough for getting right down to finding out the source of my 1 1/2 year rash, by doing a biopsy the first day I came to your office, then sending me to Little Rock, where I was tested with 95 patches, 40 of which were from my own products.

“I was really getting in a mess, and it feels great to have a normal life back!!”

JB, Milan Tn.

“Dr. Carranza thank you so much for doing what you did for me. Providing me with free medication. Otherwise I would not have been in a situation to buy. God bless you and again thank you”

L. R.

“We are so happy you chose Humboldt to move your business to. Have a great year. We hear very good reports from our friends and neighbors, we needed you”

S and DC M

“Couldn’t let the year pass without letting you know how wonderful you have been to both John and I. Your staff is tops! May you have a great New Year also see you in Feb! Our love and best wishes always”

J&C Cole

“Dr. Carranza, I wanted to thank you for the excellent care you have given me. Over the last several years I have seen numerous Doctors for my heart problems and fibromyalgia, many of them have forgotten or maybe never knew how to treat patients as a person and not a paycheck. Your caring manner and your thoroughness in explaining things is very reassuring. The surgery you performed on my back yesterday was the most gentle procedure I have had done where a needle was involved. In addition I have seen 2 other dermatologist on the dry patches on my palms and none of their methods worked. Yours did in just a few days. Again, I say thank you.”

Patient – CM

I believe that Humboldt & the surrounding area is very fortunate to have this clinic in our area. I saw Dr. Lucas & was well pleased with the care & concern that I received. I have already recommended her & the staff about the care that you receive. Thanks again to everyone that is involved at this clinic. Keep up the great work!

Patient – BB

Thanks for providing such a clean facility, professional and kind staff and excellent medical care!

Patient – KS

Pleasant and practically painless procedure. I will definitely use this clinic for all of my dermatology needs and will tell others about your excellent services.

Patient – SW

“Everyone at the office was very helpful. The atmosphere was very comfortable. Dr. Carranza listened to all my concerns and diagnosed my problem. She explained all the symptoms and proper treatment. After just two weeks of treatment I can tell a difference. I would highly recommend Dr. Carranza to anyone needing a dermatologist.”

Patient – DH

“DR. Carranza has a glowing personality and makes you feel right at home while she is treating you.”

Patient – JV

“It’s great to have a quality business such as Dermatology and Skin Cancer Associates right here in the small city of Humboldt. No need to go to Jackson or Memphis for quality care.”

Patient – JE

“Dr. Lucas was extremely caring and courteous. She made sure to address each of my long list of concerns. I will defiantly come back again if I need any dermatology help.”

Patient – JC

“It was nice to see someone who seem concerned about my needs and took care of them promptly and with respect!”

Patient – SS

“Couldn’t have asked for a better experience.”

Patient – NC

“I was very pleased with my visit. The staff was extremely courteous and Dr. Lucas explained in detail her findings and the treatment plan. I will return to their clinic for future needs.”

Patient – BC

“I was very impressed with Dr. Carranza’s level of concern for me. She even sent an e-mail at midnight to follow up on our conversation. I have NEVER had another doctor make that level of effort.”

Patient – KM

“I wanted to tell you again how much I appreciate the fine work you did on my ear. I have had several comments on how unnoticeable it would be to someone who didn’t know about my surgery.”

Patient – J.W.

“Thank you so much for working me in to your schedule last Tuesday. I could still be waiting and worrying!

“I appreciate your sharing your expertise not only with me but with my readers as well. I’m hearing positive comments. I trust you are too.”

Patient – G

“Thank you for the care I received during and after my aunt’s surgery. You and your staff made me feel very comfortable during a stressful situation.

“The Jackson area is fortunate to have you in our community. Welcome to TN!

“God bless you, your nurses and other staff members. I wish all of you sunshine and joy today!”

Patient – C.W.

“Dr. Carranza is very thorough and considerate. She takes time to make sure all questions are answered. Always makes me feel comfortable.”

Patient – C.R.

“Dr. Carranza, Thank you so much for the care and professional way you have treated me and my family during this experience. You have made a very unpleasant experience more pleasant. Thanks so much!”

Patient – J.S.

“Dear Dr. Carranza, Thank you for all you’ve done for me. Your skill and caring put my worries to rest and I will always be grateful.”

Patient – R.B.

“Dr. Carranza, We had to get you something for Valentine’s Day because you have got the biggest heart, care & compassion for your patients. We are truly grateful for you!”

Patient – S.F.

“Dr. Carranza, I just wanted to thank you and all the crew that has helped me so much. All of you are the greatest. We are so lucky to have someone like you here. I hope all of you have the best and happiest Christmas and a wonderful New Year. You have sure helped make mine much better. May God bless you all.”

Patient – J.D.

“Although we scheduled our appointment before the clinic even opened, I was contacted in a very professional manner to get everything arranged.
Great first week. My Dad is 86 years old and he was treated with much respect and great care. It was a very good experience for both of us. We could not have asked for a better experience. Thank you to Dr. Carranza and the entire staff.”


Dr. Lucas is awesome. She is informative every step of the way. None better.”

Patient – RT

“I had a wonderful experience. I was a little hesitant about coming with the amount of sun damage I had. My experience exceeded my expectations. Our two year old daughter had to come to the appointment with me, the staff was so very welcoming and kind to her. They took plenty of time with me and answered all my questions. I felt very comfortable throughout my whole appointment.”

Patient – SB

“Dr. Carranza,

“I meant to email you last week about my experience when I came to visit your clinic as a patient last Thursday afternoon, but time got away from me. In short, the service I received was exceptional, and you and your team deserve to be commended.

“When I scheduled my appointment, originally, I was not going to be able to get in until July, which isn’t ideal when there’s a spot of concern. But the scheduler took the time to review the calendar for cancellations and noticed an open spot for me the same day. In fact, it was less than four hours from my phone call until I checked out. In and of itself, that is remarkable.

“Once I arrived, the check-in process was friendly and efficient. And though it may seem like a minor detail, the fact that the nurse approached me and let me know it was time to come back to the exam room rather than simply announcing my last name made the visit feel very personalized – to be honest, I’ve already stolen that detail and am starting to use it in my facility. Truly, it’s the little things that count.

“Jeannie Lewis handled my visit and biopsy, and she seems to be a treasure. She was equally concerned about my odd nose spot and still lighthearted enough where potentially getting a cancer diagnosis didn’t seem like such a downer (epilogue: my biopsy came back normal). She worked well and quickly, and the office staff had me in and out in under 30 minutes. I don’t think I can get a pizza that fast anymore.

“Overall, my experience at your clinic was great, and because I know we usually only hear the bad things, I wanted you to hear from someone who had a much different story. Please feel free to share my email with others in your group who participated in my care and deserve a pat on the back. Also, you can be sure I am going to share my story with friends and colleagues, so I hope I can help to grow what is already a great practice.

J. Neal Rager, CMPE
Physicians Surgery Center