Innovative Procedures

Surgical Dermatology

Mohs Surgery

Mohs micrographic surgery is a skin cancer removal method that involves excising the minimum amount of cancerous tissue to offer a precise result.

Reconstructive Surgery

Following skin cancer removal, reconstructive surgery can be performed to diminish scarring and rebuild the skin to a more normal appearance.

Skin Cancer Excisional Removal

Skin cancer excision involves the careful removal of melanoma or other cancerous lesions along with a small amount of the surrounding tissue.

Removal of Moles and Growths

Simple techniques are used to remove moles, lesions, cysts, and other types of bothersome growths that appear on the skin of the face and body.

Torn or Split Earlobe Repair

A torn or split earlobe may be caused by heavy earrings or a traumatic injury, but we can surgically reattach the skin during an outpatient procedure.

Nail Procedures

If you have a nail disorder, such as an ingrown toenail or a fungal infection, our dermatologist can evaluate your nails and provide in-office care.
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